Lychee Growers of Pabna Changing the Game

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Lychee Growers of Pabna Changing the Game


For the first time in the history of Pabna, fruit-bagging technique is used to grow safe lychees. And this is being done with the support from PKSF’s Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP). The technology has been introduced to the lychee growers of Pabna district through the Organization for Social Advancement & Cultural Activities (OSACA) which is implementing in the field the ‘Promoting Safe Lychee Farming through Environment-friendly Practices in Pabna’ sub-project of SEP.


The perks of using bio-degradable fruit bags are many. To begin with, they keep the fruits away from pests. So, the farmers do not have to worry about squirrels, bats, birds and insects. Naturally, insecticides are of no use here. Finally, the fruit bags being safe and biodegradable, the technology is extremely safe and environment-friendly.


With SEP’s support, the growers are also very conscious about the packaging and branding of the fruits considering the vast market for safe products. They are packing the fruits using environment-friendly bags and materials. Furthermore, the most interesting part of the process is traceability. By scanning the QR code on the cover of the bags, one directly finds out who the grower is and where it came from. This could also pave the way for exporting the fruits to overseas markets.

Transparency, safety, and safe fruit — what more one can expect from a fruit grower? Keeping the consumers happy, the SEP-supported lychee growers are sharing the joy of something healthy and delicious.

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