Country Representative of DFID Visits PRIME Activities

Country Representative of DFID Visits PRIME Activities

Ms. Sarah Cooke, Country Representative of DFID Bangladesh, visited the Programmed Initiatives for Monga Eradication (PRIME) activities at Satkhira during 25 November 2015. Mr. Mohammad Roqibul Islam, Program Manager, Growth and Private Sector Development; Ms. Helen O’Conor, Climate Change and Environment Adviser; Mr. Dan Ayliffe, Humanitarian Adviser; Ms. Syeda Masarrat Quader, Private Sector Adviser and Ms. Nafisa Ziauddin, Programe Manager, International Trade and Development also attended her visit from DFID. The team visited remote Munshiganj branch of Nowabenki Gonumukhi Foundation (NGF) in Shyamnagar Upazilla of Satkhira district. The team was accompanied by the Deputy Managing Director of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) Mr. Golam Touhid, General Manager Mr. A. Q. M. Golam Mawla, Deputy General Manager Dr. Sharif Ahmed Choudhury along with higher officials of NGF.

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The DFID team visited PRIME activities among the AILA and SIDR affected extreme poor households under Munshiganj branch of NGF. They witnessed the different livelihood activities under PRIME that includes sac vegetable culture, quail rearing, eel fish fatenning, duck rearing, crab fattening as well as production of handicrafts (karchupi, omanian cap, bamboo products etc.). They also observed on-going satellite clinic activity, adolescence group meeting and general health camp under Primary Health Care Services of PRIME. They also witnessed training program on crab fatenning as well as market linkage system of crab and eel-fish in the working area. They took keen interest on safe drinking water supply activity of PKSF under DFID funded LIFT programme in the salinity prone Shyamnagar area. Ms. Cooke appreciated the overall field level progress of PRIME and LIFT programme of PKSF. She expressed her satisfaction by the tangible positive impact of PRIME that made on the climatically vulnerable ultra poor households of Shyamnagar area.

DMD (Operations-2) visits Satkhira

Mr. Golam Touhid, Deputy Managing Director (Operations-2) visited activities of UPP-Ujjibito, PRIME, Agriculture Unit and Livestock Unit in Jessore and Satkhira during 24-26 November 2015. Mr. A. Q. M. Golam Mawla, GM (Operations) and Dr. Sharif Ahmed Choudhury, DGM (Livestock) alsoaccompanied him during his visit.

On the 24th of November, he visited Jhikorgasa branch of Addin-Welfare Center at Jessore to see group activities, training programs and different IGAs of the UPP-Ujjibito beneficiaries.

The 25th of November, DMD visited PRIME activities in Shaymnagar area along with DFID Country Representative Ms. Sarah Cooke and other members of DFID team in the Munshiganj branch of Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF). They visited different livelihood activities of PRIME members e.g. sac vegetable culture, quail rearing, eel fish fattening, crab fattening, pig rearing, duck rearing, homestead vegetable cultivation as well as production of handicrafts (karchupi, omanian cap, etc.) along with their value chain intervention. They also visited poor friendly safe drinking water supply program of NGF in that saline prone area. In the afternoon DMD-led PKSF team visited the ongoing activities of Agriculture Unit and Livestock Unit in Krishna Nagar branch of NGF. They witnessed the demonstration effect of different farming technologies of these two units and their replication among the neighbors. Some of these technologies are buck center, integrated fish cum vegetable culture, vermicompost, semi-intensive system of goat rearing, sex pheromone trap, layer rearing, cow rearing, etc.

On 26th November, he visited PRIME activities in Kumira branch of Unnayan Prochesta at Satkhira. The PKSF team then visited activities of Agriculture Unit and Livestock Unit in Kumira branch where they witnessed some outstanding demonstration of farming technology by enthusiastic farmers who are implementing summer tomato, pheromone trap for safe vegetable production, semi-intensive perch system of goat rearing technologies. Honorable DMD then visited Ziala milk village under Tala branch, where most of the households are dairy farmers having at least 7-8 milking cows. He then visited Khalilnagar branch of Unnayan Prochesta on modern technology basedsmall-holder dairy farming implemented under the LIFT program.

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The DMD expressed his satisfaction in the overall progress of the programs he visited and provided some important suggestions for further development.