The Governing Body, subject to the general control and supervision of the General Body, is primarily responsible to pursue and help achieve the goals of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). It determines the direction and scope of the activities of the institution in order to steer PKSF towards realizing its Vision and Mission. The Governing Body holds comprehensive financial control of the Foundation, which includes approval of programs and projects and sanctioning of grants, donations, loans or other financial assistance to the Partner Organizations (POs).

The Governing Body consists of seven members. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) nominates the Chairman and two other members from amongst individuals having a record of service in activities related to poverty alleviation and inclusive development and/or some serious interest in such activities. The General Body, in its AGM, elects three other members who represent the POs and/or distinguished individuals having demonstrated contributions to the development sector. The Governing Body, in consultation with the Government, appoints the Managing Director (MD). The MD is the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation and an ex-officio member of the Governing Body as well as the General Body of PKSF.

Members of the Governing Body