PKSF, an apex development organization established by the Government of Bangladesh, works through an integrated network with its organizational structure to ensure that all employees irrespective of their ladder work towards realizing its proclaimed vision and mission. The PKSF officials are morally and strategically motivated through different meetings and necessary training sessions to demonstrate skills and efficiency in performing their duties with a commitment to their profession and society. The Human Resource Unit (HR) is extremely careful to apply a competitive and rigorous recruitment process that guarantees that only the persons with proven talent and capability are recruited. Their skills are regularly updated and sharpened through in-service training at various intervals both at home and abroad.

The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of PKSF. At present, two Additional Managing Directors (AMDs) assist Managing Director to ensure fair, transparent, accountable and efficient management of PKSF. AMD-1 plays the responsibility to determine policy and plans of action to execute the activities of PKSF considering national priorities and possible new realities. Rural, national and international contex in one hand, and different financial and economic perspectives on the other are taken into consideration to carry out this responsibility. AMD-2 deals with the issues related to keeping good relation with the Partner Organizations (POs), ensuring their transperancy, accountability as well as efficiency, and helping them to restructure or reorganize their activities in response to the changing socio-economic realities.

The activities of PKSF are mainly carried out under the supervision of two Additional Managing Directors, five Deputy Managing Directors (DMDs) and one General Manager as Head of Audit Unit who directly report to the Managing Director. The core microfinance programs of PKSF such as Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad and Sufolon are being implemented by 8 different panels. Each panel is headed by one Panel Supervisor. These panels are the main contact points of the POs at PKSF level. Each panel takes care of around 25 POs. Currently these panels are administered under the direct supervision of four DMDs.

Funded by different multi and bilateral development partners, PKSF also implements different projects which address a wide range of deveoplemt issues related to poverty reduction such as employment, rural microenterprise, environment and climate change, sanitation, low income community housing etc. PKSF generally establishes separate Project Management Unit (PMU) to manage different projects. A Project Coordinator (PC) as head of the PMU is in charge of the overall implementation of the project. He/she directly reports to the head  of the concerned Division of PKSF. He/She is also the contact person at PKSF for the relevant government bodies and development partners.

As on 05 December 2023, PKSF management team consists of 437 talented and committed staff, which includes 235 regular officers, 14 contractual personnel, 114 project officers and 74 support staff.

The Work-Arrangement of PKSF is stated in the diagram below: