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Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) formed the Special Fund in 2010 to provide special assistance to the poor and the extremely poor people in humanitarian or social crises and natural disasters. In special cases, the officials of PKSF and its Partner Organizations (POs) can seek financial support from the Special Fund. In addition, destitute and ailing freedom fighters, teachers, and development workers get financial assistance from this fund. A total of BDT 31.88 lakh from the Fund was given to 29 individuals as educational assistance, to meet medical expenses and to create income-generating activities in FY 2021-22.

• Rehabilitating disaster-stricken poor people through financial and material assistance.
• Providing emergency support to the vulnerable communities in special situations through community support programs such as provision of safe drinking water, repair of infrastructures like road, bridge/culverts.
• Facilitating scholarship programs for meritorious children of the poor and the extremely poor participants of PKSF programs to help continue their studies. In exceptional cases, educational grants are also offered.
• Providing financial assistance to educational and health-related non-government institutions that serve the poor and the extremely poor.
• Organizing special programs and activities (health, education, sports etc) on special occasions.
• Providing financial and material assistance to individuals who are suffering from acute diseases like cancer, heart diseases, liver diseases, brain hemorrhage, paralysis etc, and are unable to bear the medical expenses.

Since 2010, PKSF has disbursed around BDT 31.88 Lakh to individuals and institutions as financial assistance for education, health and other social services from its Special Fund.

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