Jagoron, a credit instrument of PKSF, seeks to ensure household-based enterprise development in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. In October 1990, PKSF launched the program (then known as Rural Microcredit) for the rural poor to encourage them to undertake family-based income generating activities. Nine years later, in 1999, PKSF launched Jagoron (then known as Urban Microcredit) for the poor residing in urban areas since the number of the urban poor had been continuously increasing as a result of forced migration, recurrent natural disasters, and limited employment opportunities in the rural areas.

Status in FY 2020-21

  • -The amount of loan disbursement from PKSF to its Partner Organizations (POs) stands at BDT 3.99 billion and the outstanding amount of loan at BDT 21.21 billion.
  • The amount of loan disbursement from the POs to their borrowers is BDT 70.84 billion and the outstanding loan as on 31 October 2021 amounts to BDT 147.91 billion.
  • The total number of borrowers is 7.28 million.
  • The average loan size stands at BDT 43,058.
  • Since inception, the cumulative loan disbursement from PKSF to its POs is BDT 160.01 billion and from the POs to their borrowers is BDT 2069.50 billion.
  • Jagoron dominates PKSF’s loan portfolio with its POs (29.98%).