The Seasonal Loan (SL) programme is one of the groundbreaking initiatives of the PKSF’ loan basket. Launched in 2006, it has become a  core programme of PKSF, covering a major share of the yearly loan disbursement. SL has very attractive repayment flexibility that matches  repayment of the loan with the income flow of various seasonal activities . Since its inception, SL has contributed significantly and successfully to various Income Generating Activities (IGAs) such as crop cultivation and processing, livestock, fisheries, agro-forestry, agro-processing etc. The provision of repaying the loan in one single installment after the sale of the product has made it very popular among the borrowers, especially those engaged in beef fattening and crop cultivation.

Under SL programme, PKSF has disbursed BDT 6.09 billion to concerned POs during FY 2012-13: 102.31% of the programme budget. On the other hand, POs have disbursed a total of BDT 10.26 billion to their beneficiaries. As of June 2013, loan outstanding of  SL programme at PKSF-PO level and PO-beneficiary level stood at BDT 4.71 billion and BDT 5.97 billion, respectively.


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