Program for Adolescents

The ‘Program for Adolescents’ has been in operation as a mainstream program since July 2019 in 217 upazilas of 55 districts of the country through 67 Partner Organizations (POs). The motto of the program is ‘Investment in Adolescents for Sustainable Development’. So far, 2,309 youth clubs have been established under the program having 74,952 members. Besides, there are 1,045 school forums with 1.22 lac members. The activities are conducted in four broad categories: (1) Awareness raising and practicing moral values ​​(2) Leadership and life-skill development, (3) Nutrition and healthcare (4) Cultural and Sports activities. Under the program, a total of 52,509 activities were conducted, 1,566 libraries were established and 8,039 group reading sessions were held on various issues so far. Besides, 562 adolescent clubs set up ‘Sohojogita and Sohomormita’ corners to distribute clothes among people who are in need.


Total Activities


Youth Clubs



A total of 19,151 yard meetings were held on various issues during in 2022, 467,936 club members and their parents participated in these yard meetings. About 61,000 adolescent girls have received sanitary napkins. During this period the adolescent clubs reported to the local administration of 162 incidence of child marriage, 85 cases of dowry and 306 cases of sexual harassment, abuse of women, children and the elderly. Blood groupings of 26,109 adolescents have been done.     

  • Awareness Raising and Practicing Moral Values 

Under the program, a range of activities like discussion meeting and workshop are conducted to raise awareness against child marriage, violence against women, sexual harassment and prevention of dowry, narcotics/drugs and remedies. Apart from these regular activities, celebrating the International Mother Language Day, International Women’s Day, golden jubilee of the independence and Mujib year by different clubs in different districts are mentionable. Notable programs are discussion meetings and quiz competition with the members of adolescent clubs. Besides, training on sapling planting and distribution of fruit and medicinal plants are held regularly.

  • Leadership and Life-skill Development

Under the leadership and life skill development program, different clubs organizes training and workshops on leadership qualities and development in order to motivate adolescents to become self-employed and self-reliant by developing their life skills. Adolescents are also encouraged to develop a habit of savings.  

  • Nutrition and Healthcare

Adolescent clubs conducted discussion meetings, workshops and arranged nutrition camps to make the club members aware about the good physical & mental health and encouraging the adolescents to create a sense of personal hygiene. Besides, blood grouping, blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI measurement, nutritious food intake, physical exercise and different health care services are regularly being provided. Sanitary napkins, first aid box are distributed and vitamin ‘A’ capsule campaign programs are organized to ensure adolescent club members health.   

  • Cultural and Sports Activities

Under this program, book reading, music, dance, poetry recitation, debate and drawing competitions, workshops and prize giving ceremony are held to offer a platform for the adolescent girls and boys to inspire. Moreover, football, volleyball, handball, badminton competitions are also organized by the adolescent clubs.