From a common man to a leader: ENRICH changes Abu Saleh’s life

Abu Saleh’s story is a very uncommon one. His is a story of how ENRICH impacts the people associated with it not just in developing the standard of their life, but also in exploring and flourishing their innate potentials like that of leadership.

Having completed his Master’s in Business Administration, Saleh of Atulia Union under Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira joined the ENRICH programme being implemented in the Union via NGF, a Partner Organisation of PKSF, as an MIS Associate. He started going from door to door with ENRICH services including those for health and education. He was indeed doing these as part of his job but he at the same time grew passionate about what he was doing.

People say that when one’s profession matches with one’s passion, miracles happen. The miracle in Saleh’s case came in the form of popularity. He soon became a doted face in the Union, so much so that he contested the Union Parishad election in 2016 for the post of the Chairman and came out victorious by a huge margin.

A core concept that PKSF upholds via ENRICH and other projects and programmes is that development is a political process. Once an active part of the ENRICH programme, Saleh was now the Chairman of the local government institution in Atulia, which equipped him with the necessary means to augment the effectiveness of ENRICH interventions. He owns this PKSF programme in such a way that he not only provides moral and administrative support but also actively takes part in various health camps, seminars, workshops, and other public events arranged under ENRICH.

“ENRICH is our programme. It is an effective means of development for all the people of this Union,” says Saleh.