Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit

The Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit of PKSF aims to build awareness on different critical social issues to improve the living standard of marginal and disadvantaged people. Currently, it is working in 78 Unions of 24 districts through 23 Partner Organizations (POs). This unit conducted awareness campaigns – through signboards, loudspeakers, direct public contact, etc. – against early marriage, drug abuse and food contamination. It also creates mass awareness on lightning precautions that can save lives.
Campaigns were conducted in 12 Unions for detecting Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in assistance with the local government offices. In FY 2021-22, 249 PWDs received ‘Suborno Nagorik Card’. The International Anti-Corruption Day was observed in 35 upazilas. In addition, 47,400 students received orientation on preventing early marriage and improving reproductive health in 78 Unions. And, 28 awarness-related programs and 38 Public Social Announcements (PSA) were aired during the period using Community Radios supported by PKSF.