Article 15(a) of the Constitution of Bangladesh describes that the fundamental responsibility of the state is to ensure the provision of the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, education, medical care and shelter. In addition, Sustainable Development Goal 11 emphasizes on ensuring access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing. The National Housing Policy 1993 (1993/2004) also recognizes the right to housing of all citizens. Despite this, there is a severe shortage of adequate and quality housing facilities in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh.

PKSF in 2016 started implementing Component-3, titled ‘Shelter Lending & Support’, of the Low Income Community Housing Support Project, financed by the World Bank, to improve the living conditions of low-income households and contribute to the local economy by enhancing construction activities in Bangladesh. This project has brought about positive changes in the lives of borrowers and their families.

Following the success of the LICHSP, PKSF launched the ABASON loan program from its own fund in 2019 to provide financial and technical support for construction of new houses or repairing/extension of the existing houses of the disadvantaged people living in remote areas.

The objective of this loan program is to improve the living conditions of these people.
The ABASON program is being implemented through 17 Partner Organizations (POs) in 48 upazilas of 25 districts. As of June 2022, 6,208 members received a atotal of BDT 143 crore in loans. Having used these loans properly, they are now enjoying increased comfort, peace and social dignity, which has bettered their quality of life.