Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)

PKSF, over the years, has gained in-depth understanding and valuable experiences on multidimensional aspects of poverty, and it acknowledges that Bangladesh is well-positioned to benefit from the demographic dividend until 2050. However, the skill-based labor market’s up-gradation due to rapid technological and organizational change is one of the major threats to the low-skilled workers in Bangladesh, as they are gradually becoming unable to adjust their skills according to the market demand. In this context, PKSF has agreed to implement the ‘Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)’ project and signed the MoU with the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh (GoB) on 7 May 2015 for Tranche-1; 26 May 2018 for Tranche-2; and 24 December 2020 for Tranche-3 to ensure training and employment for the disadvantaged people of the country so that they can develop their living standards sustainably. Under the SEIP project, PKSF is ensuring demand-driven skill-development training among disadvantaged people in order to create productive wage and self employment.


The Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), is working as the executive agency to implement this project. The Finance Division has established a ‘Skill Development Coordination and Monitoring Unit (SDCMU)’ to execute the project. In cooperation with SDCMU, different organizations, including PKSF, are implementing the SEIP project. The Asian Development Bank and the Government of Bangladesh are jointly financing the project. 

Goal of the Project
The goal of the project is to develop a skilled workforce through skills development training and therefore place them in productive self and wage employment that will improve their sustainable livelihoods. 

Objectives of the Project
The main objectives of SEIP are as follows:

  • Impart skills training linked to gainful wage or self-employment through PKSF partners and selected training institutes;
  • Increase access for targeted poor people (both male and female) to market-responsive skills development training programs;
  • Ensure job placement of the trainees after training, etc.

Expected Results
It is expected that income of the trainees’ Households (HHs) will be increased by 20% after receiving training under this project.

Increase the number of skilled workers in priority sectors around the country. 


  • Produced around 26,579 skilled and semi-skilled workers under Tranche-1, Tranche-2 and Tranche-3 by June 2022;
  • At least 60% of the total trainees will be employed after training and retained in respective jobs for three months; and
  • The ratio of wage and self-employment of the employed trainees will be approximately 60:40 of 60% total trainees.

Major Dimensions/Tasks of the Project
SEIP entails three major tasks: selection of appropriate trainees; selection of renowned and efficient training institutes for providing quality training; and job placement of the passed-out trainees, which are equally important as well as very challenging for the successful implementation of the project.

  • Selection of Appropriate Trainees:PKSF selects the trainees through its Partner Organizations (POs) from their organized group members under inclusive financing and development program. Trainees are selected through screening test and viva voce through the POs and respective training institutes. Potential Trainee aged 15 or above are being selected from the Partner Organizations of PKSF or Training Institute’s catchment area where the project will bear all expenditures of trainees except only 10% of the accommodation and food cost to ensure effective participation. Initiatives have been taken to encourage participation of people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and female trainees. Moreover, special focus has been given on the selection of trainees for caregiving training program which PKSF has launched in 2022 under Tranch-3.
  • Selection of Qualified Training Institutes for Providing Quality Training:PKSF has selected renowned training institutes functioning in Bangladesh to impart market-responsive inclusive quality training. PKSF is ensuring delivery of standard courses for each training/trade course through the selected training institutes. The course structure is comprised of required compulsory and elective components as well as theoretical and practical requirements. The practical and theoretical contents of the course-curricula are in the ratio of 80:20.
  • Job Placement of the PKSF-SEIP Graduates:Respective training institutes ensure job placement of the graduates within 3 months of training completion. The job placement units of the training institutes ensure the following issues: i) preparing database of the relevant industries; ii) developing linkages with the employers; iii) disseminating training outcomes to the employers; iv) organizing job fair and dialogue with existing/potential employers; v) identifying job vacancies in industry and preparing trainees for interviews; vi) preparing documents that show wage/remuneration before and after training to indicate value addition of training in case of up skilling; and vii) assisting the implementation of Trainees Tracking System.


Training Trades under PKSF-SEIP Project 

A.   Course List under Regular Program
SLCourseCourse DurationQualificationPreferred GroupAge Limit
1IT Freelancing (Digital Marketing & Admin Support)3 MonthsMinimum HSC or equivalent√ Unskilled /semi-skilled
√ Low Income Group
√ Female Disadvantaged
√  Disabled
√ Ethnic Minority√ Orphan and abandoned youths
15-45 Years
2Graphic Design3 Months
3Fashion Garments3 MonthsMinimum Class V
4Electrical Installation & Maintenance3 Months
5Refrigeration & Air Conditioning3 Months
6Mobile Phone Servicing3 Months
7Consumer Electronics3 Months
8Plumbing3 Months
9Welding3 Months
10Auto Mechanics3 Months
11Housekeeping3 MonthsMinimum SSC or equivalent
12Food & Beverage Service3 Months
13Food & Beverage Production3 Months
B.    Course List under Person with Disability Program
SLCourse NameCourse DurationQualificationAge Limit
1IT Support Service4 MonthsMinimum SSC or equivalent15-45 Years
2Fashion Garments4 Months
3Mobile Phone Servicing4 Months
C.   Course List under Orphan & Abandoned Youths program
SLCourse NameCourse DurationQualificationAge Limit
1Auto Mechanics3 MonthsMinimum Class VIII15-45 Years
2Electrical Installation & Maintenance3 Months
3Fashion Garments3 Months
4Mobile Phone Servicing3 Months
5Plumbing3 Months
6Refrigeration & Air Conditioning3 Months
D.   Caregiving program
SLCourse NameCourse DurationQualificationAge Limit
1Caregiving06 Months (Level 2&3)

Minimum SSC or equivalent


18-45 Years


Training Targets and Budget
PKSF will together produce 38,600 skilled workers in the First, Second & Third Tranches. Projected training targets and budget for the project are in the following table:

TrancheTraining Target (Persons)Budget (BDT in crore)Status
Tranche-1 & Addl. Tranche-11180058.65Completed
(From 2015 to 2018)
(From 2019 to 2021)

Active Training Institutes under PKSF-SEIP Project

Training Institutes for Regular Training Program

Sl. No.Name of Enlisted Training InstituteContact personVenueName of the Trade/Course
1ADAMS (Association for Development Activity of Manifold Social-work)Mr. Tofazzel Hossain
KhulnaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
2AKS Khan Centre for Excellence (ACE)Mr. M. Wahib Khan
DhakaFood & Beverage Production
Food & Beverage Service
3Bangla German Sampreeti (BGS)Mr. Jagadish Chandra
TangailAuto Mechanics
Consumer Electronics
Tangail/RangpurElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Tangail/Cox’s BazarFashion Garments
RangpurMobile Phone Servicing
TangailWelding (4G/6G)
4BRAC Institute of Skills Development (BRAC-ISD)Sharif Ahmed Nayem
Cox’s BazarFood & Beverage Service
5Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM)Mr. Md. Jahangir Alam
JASHOREElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
6Eco Social Development Society (ESDO)Mr. Shahriar Mahmud
LalmonirhatAuto Mechanics
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
ThakurgaonConsumer Electronics
Welding (4G/6G)
7Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK)Mr. A.K.M. Roknuddaula
GaibandhaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
Mobile Phone Servicing
8Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF)Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman Sapon
JASHOREAuto Mechanics
Graphic Design
KushtiaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
9Food Cadet Lipi’s Euphoria of Culinary ArtsMr. Md. Nazmul Hossain
DhakaFood & Beverage Production
10Mirpur Agricultural Workshop & Training School (MAWTS)Engr. AHAB Siddique
DhakaRefrigeration & Air Conditioning
Lathe Machine Operation
Welding (4G/6G)
11Naria Unnayan Samity (NUSA)Mr. Md. Kabir Hossain
ShariatpurAuto Mechanics
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
Consumer Electronics
Mobile Phone Servicing
12National Institute of Engineering Technology (NIET)Mr. Mahmud Hasan Prodhan
NarayangonjRefrigeration & Air Conditioning
Welding (4G/6G)
Fashion Garments
13Palli Monggol Karmoshuchi (PMK)Mr. Riyad Mahmud
Ashulia, DhakaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
Food & Beverage Production
14Rural Reconstruction Foundation (RRF)

Mr. Abul Kalam Azad


JASHOREAuto Mechanics
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Food & Beverage Production
IT Freelancing (Digital Marketing & Admin Support)
Mobile Phone Servicing
15SAIC Institute of Management & TechnologyEngr. Shamima Akter Marine
Dhaka/JamalpurFashion Garments
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
JamalpurConsumer Electronics
16SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)Md. Moslehuddin
Mobile: 01718683220
ShariatpurElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
IT Freelancing (Digital Marketing & Admin Support)
Mobile Phone Servicing
17Shapla Gram Unnayan SangsthaMr. Ranajit Kumar Kundu
01712226706 / 01733050206
RajshahiRefrigeration & Air Conditioning
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
18SOS Children’s Village International in BangladeshMr. Munsur Hasan Khandaker
DhakaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Mr. Md. Thuhidul Alam


Bogura/Rangpur/ NatoreElectrical Installation & Maintenance
BoguraFashion Garments
Mobile Phone Servicing
Rangpur/NatoreLathe Machine Operation
20Trust Technical Training Institute (TTTI)Mr. Md. Nur Alom
Savar, DhakaConsumer Electronics
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
21UCEP BangladeshMr. Md. Arif Nur
Barishal/ RajshahiAuto Mechanics
Barishal/ GazipurWelding (4G/6G)
22UDOYMr. Dey Sudhir Chandra
TangailElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Fashion Garments
Graphic Design
 HabiganjMobile Phone Servicing
23UttaranMr. Md. A. Kium Azad
SatkhiraAuto Mechanics
Fashion Garments
Welding (4G/6G)
24WAVE FOUNDATIONMr. Md. Abdus Salam
ChuadangaElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Graphic Design
Chuadanga/RajshahiFashion Garments
Mobile Phone Servicing


Training Institutes for Person with Disability (PWD) Program

Sl. No.Name of Enlisted Training InstituteContact personVenueName of the Trade/Course
1Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed–CRPMr. Salim Rahman
Manager, Rehabilitation Wing
Manikganj/SavarFashion Garments
IT Support Service
Mobile Phone Servicing
2Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA)Mr. A B M Shamim Ahmed
Project Manager
Mobile: 01313715869
SatkhiraFashion Garments
Mobile Phone Servicing

Training Institutes for Orphan & Abandoned Youths (OAY) Program

Sl. No.Name of Enlisted Training InstituteContact personVenueName of the Trade/Course
1Mirpur Agricultural Workshop & Training School (MAWTS)Engr. AHAB Siddique
Fashion Garments
2Rural Reconstruction Foundation (RRF)Mr. Abul Kalam Azad
JASHOREElectrical Installation & Maintenance
Mobile Phone Servicing
3SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)Md. Moslehuddin
Mobile: 01718683220
ShariatpurFashion Garments
Mobile Phone Servicing
4SOS Children’s Village International in BangladeshMr. Munsur Hasan Khandaker
DhakaAuto Mechanics
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Training Institutes for Caregiving Program

Sl. No.Name of Enlisted Training InstituteContact personVenue
1AKS Khan Centre for Excellence (ACE) Ltd.Mr. M. Wahib Khan
2Ayat EducationMr. Rahat Hossain
3Centre for the Rehabilitation of Paralysed (CRP)Mr. Salim Rahman
Manager, Rehabilitation Wing
Savar, Dhaka
4CIB FoundationDr. Waliur Reja
Head of Training
Mobile: 0191131455
5Japan Bangladesh Friendship Nursing InstituteDr. Ashiq-ur-Rahman
6Rural reconstruction Foundation (RRF)Mr. Abul Kalam Azad
7SAIC Institute of Management & TechnologyEngr. Shamima Akter Marine
8Specialized Geriatric Care Institute (Subarta Trust)Ms. Salina Akhter
Singair, Manikganj
9UCEP BangladeshMr. Md. Arif Nur
10United College of NursingMrs. Momotaz Khanam
11Universal Medical & Technical Training InstituteMr. S M Shafiul Haque



Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of PKSF

Sl NoName of the EmployeeDesignationEmail ID
1Mr. Md. Ziauddin IqbalSr. General Manager & Chief
2Ms. Kazi Farzana SharminDeputy Chief Coordinator (DCC)
3Mr. Muhammad Sayudul HuqManager (Program) & Program
4Ms. Iffat AraProgram
5Mr. Billal HosenProgram
6Mr. Prosen Kumar MandalSenior Accounts
7Ms. Ashoka DasAssistant Coordinator (Database & Job Placement)
8Mr. Mohammad Anisur RahmanAccounts
9Mr. Md. Imran HossainAccounts
10Mr. Md. Noor AlomOfficer (Admin & Logistics)

For Contact: Md. Noor Alom, Cell: 01912992673

Progress of the Project (up to June 2022)

In Tranche-1, Addl. Tranche-1, Tranche-2 & Tranche-3 of the SEIP project, PKSF aimed to provide training to 38,600 youths from low-income families around the country through selected Partner Training Institutions (PTIs). From May 2015 to June 2022, around 28,351 participants (male: female 82:18) were enrolled in skills development training courses based on selected trades. As of June 2022, at least 26,579 trainees have successfully completed their training. Of them, 19,010 people were placed into employment from May 2015 to June 2022. The following table shows project summary in a nutshell*:

Sl. No.IndicatorsTranche-01Tranche-02Tranche-03Grand
1Project PeriodT1(May’15-June’18)
AT1 (May’19-Dec’19)
2Approved Budget in BDT (Crore)58.6562.8370.68192.16
3No. of Trades131517
4No. of Training Institutes213227
5Enrollment Target11,80012,00014,80038,600
6No. of Targeted Batches4724806141,544
7Job Placement Target60% of Graduates
8Enrollment StatusEnrollment Target11,80012,00014,80038,600
No. of Total Enrolled Participants11,81112,0054,53528,351
% of Enrollment100%100%31%73%
No. of Enrolled Batches4724801821,134
No. of Enrolled Male Trainees9,9589,7393,58923,286
No. of Enrolled Female Trainees1,8532,2669465,065
% of Enrolled Female Trainees16%19%21%18%
9Certification StatusNo. of Completed Batches4724801261,078
No. of Total Certified Trainees11,67311,7653,14126,579
No. of Certified Male Trainees9,8439,5312,54421,918
No. of Certified Female Trainees1,8302,2345974,661
% of Certified Female Trainees16%19%19%18%
10Dropout StatusNo. of Total Dropped out Trainees1382401379
% of Dropout1.2%2.0%0%1.4%
Dropped out Male Trainees1162081325
Dropped out Female Trainees2232 54
11Ongoing Training StatusNo. of Ongoing Batches05656
12Job Placement StatusNo. of Total Current Trainees01,4431,443
No. of Current Male Trainees01,1161,116
No. of Current Female Trainees0327327
% of Current Female Trainees 23%23%
No. of Total Employment9,2138,1511,64619,010
No. of Self Employment3,1082,3493865,843
% of Self Employment34%29%23%31%
No. of Wage Employment(Including Overseas Employment)6,1055,8021,26013,167
No. of Overseas Employment234380272
No. of Male in Employment7,7776,6811,32115,779
No. of Female in Employment1,4361,4703253,231
No. of Graduates Under Process of Employment11,7651,49513,260
% of Job placement Against Total Certification79%69%52%72%
No. of Graduates (Considering 3Months After Certification)11,67311,7651,95325,391
No. of Graduates Employed (Considering 3Months After Certification)9,2138,1511,26918,633
% of Job placement (Considering 3Months After Certification)79%69%65%73%
  4427 Trainees in Regular Prog, 38 in PWD Prog, 50 in OAY Training Program, 20 in Caregiving program.


Specialized Training Program
To conduct training for 400 Persons with Disabilities (PWD), 600 Orphans and Abandoned Youths (OAY) and 1,800 caregivers, PKSF signed three agreements with the Skills Development Coordination and Monitoring Unit (SDCMU) on 21 December 2021, 13 January 2022 and 17 February 2022 respectively. PKSF is implementing these components through some specialized Partner Training Institutes (PTIs) that have substantially proven track records in PWD, OAY and Caregiving training programs. These specialized training courses for 2,800 trainees under the aforementioned new components will be completed by 2023 under Treanche-3 of the project.

Key Personnel of the Project
Since 2021, this project has been brought under the leadership of Dr Md Jashim Uddin, Additional Managing Director, PKSF. Md Ziauddin Iqbal, Senior General Manager, PKSF, is the Chief Coordinator of the project.

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For Official Correspondence:
Md. Ziauddin Iqbal, Senior General Manager (Program) & Chief Coordinator (CC)
Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), PKSF